Transatlantic Debating Championship




November 13, 2014 – French National Assembly


Introduction speeches

-Mme Corinne Luquiens, Secretary General of the National Assembly and of the Presidency

-Bach Sonata Number 3, Largo Movement played by Max Wong, former Harvard University and University of Cambridge orchestra violinist. Piece in honour and memory of the victims of the war.

-M. Ian Sielecki, Founder and President of the Transatlantic Debating Championship

-M. Stephen Dunbar Johnson, President of the International New York Times

Great Debate

-Introduction to the debate by the honourable Declan McCavana, President of the French Debating Association, Honourary president of TDC and Chairman for the evening

Princeton University, United States of America

« 100 years later, the US has to stop policing the World »

Sciences Po Paris, France

« 100 years later, a continent is turning into a country »

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

« 100 years later, remembrance is dead »

University of Vienna, Austria

« 100 years later, nationalism threatens Europe again »

École Polytechnique, France

« 100 years later, the race between space and time continues »

Freie Universität, Germany

« 100 years later, we Europeans are ready to take up arms together! »

Deliberation and closing ceremony


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