Debating is a widespread activity in many English- speaking universities -consisting of two teams competing against each other over a motion. There are many different styles of debating, although the “British Parliamentary” style – derived from the rules governing the House of Commons – is the most popular one.

The specificity of the Transatlantic Debating Championship lies in the “Paris 5″ style, also used by the French Debating Association for its annual tournament at the Assemblée Nationale - whose first edition was held more than 15 years ago. The president of the FDA, Mr. McCavana, was Chairman at the final debate of the TDC’s first edition.

This is a 5v5 format, with 5 minutes per speaker including “points of information” raised by the opposing team. Speakers are given several weeks to prepare their speeches: this is a guarantee of fine arguments, well-crafted sentences, and much more fun for the audience!

For the third edition of the Transatlantic Debating Championship a new style of debating was adopted for the first time. Each of the six teams were invited to present their own vision of the motion “100 years later…” reflecting on the events since the end of WWI. The most visionary team were awarded the Championship.